All carpets and rugs are hand picked by craftsmen that have learnt their art through the generations.

Experts in their art repair any rugs or carpets that have slight imperfections on site. Colours and thread are carefully matched with the originals to provide a perfectly finished product.

Antique rugs, which are particularly sought after, are renovated in much the same way.

Many of these rugs go on to command high prices and are very collectable.

Unlike almost all other Persian rug dealers in the UK, we are in a unique position through our close ties with our workshops to provide high quality Persian rugs and carpets at a fraction of the price of many 'galleries' elsewhere.

We only offer the highest quality rugs and carpets to adorn your home and so add a touch of elegance to any room.

Our selection from our workshops also includes many antique rugs and carpets which have to be seen to be believed for sheer beauty and quality - even after hundreds of years have passed since they were made.

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